Setup Outlook 2007


Before you start

Things you will need

  1. Your email address.
  2. Your email password.


  1. Open up Outlook 2007
  2. Click the Tools menu on the menu bar and click Account Settings.
  3. Click on the New button.
  4. Make sure that Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP is selected and click Next.
  5. On this next page, it asks for Your Name, E-mail Address, Password, and Retype Password. Don’t fill this out as we will do it later on.
  6. Check the Manually configure server settings or additional server types box and click Next.
  7. Make sure that the Internet E-mail option is selected then click Next.
  8. Enter your name in the Your Name field.
  9. Enter your new email address in the E-mail Address field.
  10.  Choose IMAP as the Account Type in the drop down menu.
  11. Enter “” in the Incoming mail server (IMAP) field.
  12. Enter “” in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field.
  13. Enter your email address in the User Name field.
  14. Enter the password in the Password field.
  15. Click More Settings…
  16. Click the Outgoing Server tab.
  17. Check the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box.
  18. Make sure that the Use same settings as my incoming mail server is clicked.
  19. Click the Advance tab.
  20. Change the Incoming server (IMAP) port to 143.
  21. Check This server requires an encrypted connections (SSL) boxes under the Incoming server (IMAP) field.
  22. Change the Outgoing server (SMTP) port number from 25 to 465.
  23. Select Auto under the Use the following type of encrypted connection field.
  24. Click OK.
  25. Click Next.
  26. Click Finish.
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