Secure mail with StartTLS


StartTLS is a unique way to make sure that you are sending your password out via an encrypted method without a lot of the hassle of sharing certificates with different servers or making advanced settings changes to your mail program or computer.

Using StartTLS is completely optional and not necessary for normal email functioning. Airstream adheres to industry standard security and takes numerous precautions to make sure your online experience is as safe as it can be. StartTLS can simply enhance your security a step further. It's specifically great for users who travel a lot and use their email at open or public wifi hotspots.

To learn how to enable this feature, simply select the mail program you use from the list below for further details. If you need any further assistance with this feature feel free to contact our technical support center 24 hours a day.

Microsoft Outlook Express & Microsoft Outlook 2000
Microsoft Outlook XP (2002) & Outlook 2003
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 3.x
Apple OSX Mail (10.6)