Filezilla is your FTP friend.


Filezilla is an open source FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client and is used to transfer files that exist on your computer to a remote storage location.

In this guide we will show you how to move your files to your Airstream Communications web server so they can be viewed online via a personal homepage you create or a simple direct link.

First you will need to download and install Filezilla on your computer. It can be found at our download center. If you need help installing the program, click here.

Once installed on your computer, launch the Filezilla application. The screen should look similar to this:

Now we'll setup the Airstream Communications account information for the connection. Click on the Site Manager button in the upper left-hand corner or click on the File menu and click on "Site Manager" as shown below.

Now you will see the "Site Manager". This is the area where you can store the settings for your Airstream Communications connection or any other servers you'd like to connect to.

To begin, click on the "New Site" button. This will create a new entry. Here we've named ours "My Airstream Communications Site". Try that now. When you are done, click in the "Host" dialog box on the right-hand side of the screen.

In the "Host" box, enter in the server:

In the "Port" box, enter 21, if not already in there.

Click the "Logon Type" box and select "Normal".

In the "User" box, enter in your Airstream Communications username (everything before the @ sign of your email address).

In the "Password" box, enter your Airstream Communications password.

You're done. Now let's click the "Connect" button at the bottom to connect to this server. This will also save all the information that we just entered. To return to this connection later, simply open Filezilla, then the Site Manager and then pick this entry and click "Connect".

Now you should be connected to the Airstream Communications server and ready to transfer files. On the right-hand side of Filezilla are the remote files, or the files on the server and the left-hand side are the local files or the files that live on your computer.

Simply find the files you want on the left and drag them over to the right and drop them to upload them to the server. Remember if you want them viewable by someone else online then you need to place them in the "public_html" directory.

If you dont have one of these directories - making one is a snap. Simply right-click in a blank area on the right-hand side (the server side) and select "Create Directory". Name it "public_html" (no quotes please).

To learn more about transferring files, click here.

If you have any other issues or questions, feel free to contact us any time.